Ontarians average six to seven sick days per year. Household Emergency: Maybe you woke up with a flooded basement, a hole in the roof, or busted pipes in the bathroom. Most people are made to feel like calling out sick, even if you have sick days, is a bad thing. Report Save. Eventually, people are going to catch on, and they’re going to hold it against you once they do. Whatever the reason, going to work was just not happening. Sore throat, runny nose, high fever — which of these indicate you’re sick enough to stay home? Over 33% of employees have come to work sick so they can save their sick days for when they aren’t sick but want a day off. In today’s high-pressure job market, many workers feel the need to come to work even when sick — a phenomenon known as presenteeism. It’s one thing to claim your mum’s sick and needs your help, then to say she has died. Statistics Canada reports that from 2008 to 2009, Canadians took a national average of seven sick days, with Quebec having the highest average (nine days) and Alberta the lowest (six days). Say this if you must call in sick. I searched the internet, but I couldn't find anything specific. The trick is to first understand your symptoms and then make an educated decision if you are well enough to work, or if you should be quarantined until further notice. According to the survey, of the workers who've called in sick when feeling well in the past year, 27 percent said they had a doctor's appointment, the same percentage said they just didn't feel like going, 26 percent said they needed to relax, 21 percent said they needed to catch up on sleep and 12 percent blamed bad weather. If you don't have anytime to take then you should see if it is alright with your boss to arrange an unpaid day off. Talking candidly about how to manage migraine at work is one of the best ways to keep a great employee and a great job. People in this category use sick days to rest and recover. Even though many workers have paid-time-off plans that lump vacation and sick time together, nearly 30% still feel the need to make up an excuse to take the day off… If you work with food, this is instant day off everytime. For a more unique reason to call in, you can always say that a friend or family member is in labor. Whether it is the first or the 10th time you have had a sick kid excuse for work, there are ways to deal with your boss when your child is sick. And if someone is in the 2 seater bathroom when it hits, no one wants to have to hear it. In fact, 38% of respondents to a 2015 survey admitted to having called in sick when they were feeling perfectly fine – a figure that rose by 10% in comparison to the previous year’s findings. Staging an act that could very well win you an Oscar is something that is a turn off to your team and your managers. Faking a cough or two just to call in sick is something most managers are used to. Works great! Whether you are truly under the weather or just need a mental health day, following sensible procedures to determine when and how to call in sic You will even be praised and be given the much-needed day or two off. Best Excuses For Calling In Sick To Work. 5 point total: Employee is given a smaller section and additional side work. You wake up feeling sick, and you call your boss to let her know that you're taking a sick day. Of course, the best reasons to call in sick at work are because you are legitimately sick, or someone in your family is and you have to care for them. Therefore, you want to avoid these four excuses for missing work, if you want your boss to still like you: 5. You have to call out sick. Career Builderdid some research into excuses for missing work: 40% of employees have called in sick in the past year when they weren’t sick. Even small headaches or brief bouts of nausea are enough for us to second guess our ability to work, and it’s all too easy to listen to that little voice in your head that wants to stay home. At the same time, though, one-third of U.S. workers admit to taking a sick day when not ill. Someone’s death. In such a case, give an excuse that is near to reality. Ideally, you already know your employer's policy on missing work to stay at home and care for your sick child before the situation happens. You’re potentially being more loyal to your employer — not less — by staying home. Nevertheless, there are moments that you cannot just tell the truth. He says if falls under HIPAA. If you're a conscientious worker, it can be easy to assume that your office will somehow be offended by your absenteeism. To call in sick when you just need a day off, call your boss early in the morning as you are more likely to get their voicemail, which means you won’t have to field any questions. An employee called in sick from a bar at 5:00 p.m. the night before. Next, set point thresholds associated with consequences. I hate boss let them use that reason again and again to work from home. 28% of employees have a PTO policy, but still feel the need to share an excuse for missing work. If you go to the Doctor it is a good idea to get a note to take to work so that your boss knows that you are honest about it. Even you may not be technically sick, this is one of our legitimate reasons to call in sick because you need time to heal. When it comes to calling in sick, there are two types of people. The best excuse to use when you call in sick. Some reasons for taking the day off, however, sound more realistic than others. While you don’t want to come up with a weird storyline to pull off an excuse, you can’t make your reason leave more questions than answers. And you'll sound messed up naturally due to you just waking up and calling!! Report Save. Here's an example: Tardies → 1 point Sick days → 2 points Last-minute call-outs → 3 points No-call, no-shows → 5 points. A THOUSAND senior business leaders were quizzed about what they considered important enough reasons for a person to be off work. Thoughts About Calling In Sick To Work. level 2. This excuse works better if you actually know someone who recently gave birth. No one can turn down a sick dog or cat. Most workers are unclear on what their employers have the right to ask when they call out sick. You don’t want to have to call or email your boss about your sick child yet again, but you know you have to. level 2. Also, the supervisor isn't supposed to ask because it's a violation to do so. If you need a day to get away from the hectic responsibilities of your work, come clean and tell your manager about it. This is for the state of California. My coworker says that we don't have to disclose the nature of the illness when we call in sick. You certainly won’t be the first person to lie your way out of work for the day – or the last, for that matter. Taking time off occasionally to recover from sickness is normal and expected. Whether you have a legitimate reason or not. YourCareerDoctor has a few thoughts about calling in sick. Go to work or call in sick? "Hey, i'm calling in sick at 3am because i think i have food poisoning and its been keeping me up all night. Check out these 13 craziest things drive-through workers have seen on the job . No one wants to get it. If you can work from home you're less likely to take a sick day, and that could be a problem. Nicole Fornabaio/rd.com Why you should call in sick more often than you think – even if working from home Menu Close Here are 10 signs that you have a call in sick … So now you know the absolute best days to take off work — you’re also going to need a good excuse when you call in sick. 5 years ago. Want a day off work? Assign different point values to call-outs, sick days, tardies, and no-call no-shows. Also, your voice may sound rough after waking up, adding authenticity to your claim. If you are not feeling well or have a condition that requires medical attention, you may have to take sick leave from work to rest and heal. So, if you’re tired of the anxiety of it all, just pick an excuse from this list. Although workplaces may have slightly different sick day policies, there are some generally accepted reasons for using sick leave. No one wants to smell it. Feeling run down? Here is a list of the best excuses from which you can choose from to call off work at the last minute. You have to say your physically ill and/or some other reason you aren’t able to come in. Even better, this excuse can occur at any time of day, so it is a great reason for you to leave after you have already clocked in for the day. Your Pet Ate Something. If you really need to take a day off but you aren’t *sick*, per se, then it’s usually better to just say so. If someone has a link, that would be great. In my office, it is called being considerate. Feeling stressed or depressed seems to earn far less sympathy than physical illness for days off work (Getty) The most acceptable reasons to take a sick day revealed. This Public Service Announcement shows you how. The first type is someone who is genuinely sick and or needs a mental health day. 5 years ago. Although I really like to work from home but it looks like I can never have that “benefit” because in 4 years working with this company I only called in sick 1 time, 1 day and really sick, unable to do anything. No one wants to get sick but unfortunately no one is immune to illness. 35% of employees reported having called in sick to work when they felt totally fine. 52. share. Employers are generally sceptical of sick days and it’s hard to blame them, everyone has abused the system at one time or another and called in sick when they probably could have worked. I t’s real and it’s ugly: Migraine messes with people’s ability to work in a very big way: fatigue, cognitive challenges, bright lights and more. When these moments happen, it’s advisable to always report truthfully the reason for missing work at the last minute. We’ll go into good or bad reasons you can give your boss for calling in sick, but in a nutshell, a bad reason to give someone for missing work is any kind of outright lie. Nobody should have to work when grieving…unless they want to. 11. share. If you are too sick to go to work then you should notify your job as soon as possible before your start time. This can be nervewracking. the food poisoning works, but you need to set your alarm to wake you at 3am so you can call in and leave a message to make it more authentic. 9. Anything related to mild food poisoning. The Sun reported that a survey of 1,000 senior business leaders found that having the flu was the number one reason to miss work, ... Clark has said in the past that if you have paid sick leave or PTO (paid time off) as part of your benefits package, use it.