Vivi reminded him that they were supposed to be normal people, though Sanji argued (with a perverted smile) that dancers "are people too." He has a wrinkled face, a tied-off beard, and long, curly, black hair. Some time after the Straw Hat Pirates left Alabasta, he became severely ill, and permanently confined to a wheelchair. Bushido." After the events of the Enies Lobby arc, Cobra is surprised to see Nico Robin as part of the Straw Hat crew, noting that she is "unpredictable," and to see Vivi not surprised by the revelation. Vivi's mother, Queen Titi, died many years before the current storyline. The old citizen turns out to be an old friend of Vivi's, Toto. Status: Manga pre-timeskip F[4] When Luffy arrived there and fought against Crocodile one last time, Cobra witnessed the battle, and was amazed by Luffy's finishing attack that punched Crocodile through bedrock. Three years later, a drought spread throughout the kingdom, and due to Baroque Works' schemes, Alabasta's citizens began to believe that Cobra had hoarded Dance Powder in Alubarna. During her time on the Going Merry, Vivi grew close to the Straw Hat Pirates, admiring their indomitable spirit in the face of adversity as well as their kind-hearted nature. Cobra agreed to lead him there. Despite this, she also openly showed concern for his reckless behavior and fearlessness during their travels, feeling the need to watch over him from time to time. $168.80. Cobra with his wife and Igaram reading about the Golden Age of Pirates. After taking out Miss Monday, Mr. 5 fired an explosive booger at Vivi, who was saved when Zoro cut the projectile in half. A what-if illustration of Vivi as a Japanese warlord during the Sengoku Era from. They then went to the palace baths and Cobra showed Sanji where Vivi and Nami were bathing. After the timeskip he grew a mustache, his beard has turned completely gray, and only half of his hair is still dark. After directly confronting the king, Koza left the room in tears and almost immediately encountered young Vivi, who called him a crybaby. Many speculate that Sabo is dead. They soon entered the town of Erumalu, formerly also known as the Green City but now deserted and destroyed by the sand. NEW Portrait.Of.Pi rates One Piece LIMITED EDITION Nefertari Vivi Ver.BB_02 Figur. However, he suddenly got a snail call from a "Mr. As a way to make up, he allowed her to ride on his back as he flew in falcon form and told her that he was always training in order to protect the kingdom. Like Karoo, Vivi has accepted the entire Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops as her pets as well as a means of transportation. Several years later, Cobra was responding to a drought that struck Koza's village. Luffy lost half their stuff to Warusagi Birds, who, as Vivi explained after the fact, trick travelers and steal their luggage. This was more noticeable in the anime than the manga, as the animators drew her in such a different way that she could almost be mistaken for another character. Miss Wednesday (Vivi) and Mr. 9 prepare to kill Laboon. Even as a child, she understood what being a princess meant and acted with wisdom beyond her years: when slapped by Wapol, she apologized for being in his way and held back her tears until he was out of earshot, all for the sake of preventing an international incident. [26] It was replaced with a broom in the anime.[27]. Alubarna, Alabasta He wears a green robe with yellow edging, an orange and beige sash around his waist, and a purple coat. Her courage convinced the villagers to allow them into the village peacefully. However, the only citizen left in town told them that the rebels had relocated to an oasis near Nanohana, for Yuba had become almost a daily target of sandstorms. Running away from Marine captain Smoker, Luffy led the Marines directly to his crewmates. [38] After Zoro appeared and revealed that he knew of Baroque Works, Vivi and the others prepared to kill him. Karoo shielded her with his body as thousands of soldiers stampeded past them. After joining the clan, Vivi became close to Koza's family.[29]. Koza then vowed to take back the rain by force. However, as the Straw Hats departed from Alabasta, he seemed unperturbed that they had to leave her behind. Despite her kind and earnest nature, she can be deceptive when necessary. Vivi's selfless nature could be seen especially when she asked the Straw Hats to make a detour to get medical help for Nami instead of continuing straight to Alabasta, even though she knew her country was in a state of emergency. Free shipping . Occupations: A close up of Vivi's face before the timeskip. Anime post-timeskip However, she was startled when Miss All Sunday appeared on the ship and mentioned having just met Mr. 8, leading Vivi to realize that she was the one who blew up Igaram's ship. In fact, she usually puts the needs of others far above her own and is hesitant to rely on others or ask for help with her problems. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for One Piece Nefertari Bibi Glitter Glamours Pvc Figure Banpresto at the best online prices at eBay! As they ventured around the island, the three soon discovered something even larger than the dinosaurs. She appears in a flashback in Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver. Zum Hauptinhalt wechseln. She was not upset when she learned that Luffy took Nico Robin, the former Miss All Sunday and their one-time enemy, into his crew. That confrontation cemented their relationship of strong mutual trust. You can also upload and share your favorite Nefertari Vivi One Piece wallpapers. He also read a newspaper article concerning Luffy. In turn, Sanji immediately warmed up to her and greatly showed his attraction towards her on multiple occasions. As a member of Alabasta's royal family, she loves her country and is willing to do anything to protect it, even infiltrating a vast criminal organization. [31], Eight years ago, she was taken to the Council of Kings by her father and some of his attendants. He left Vivi and Usopp his sled to continue towards the doctor as he took off to fight Wapol. She and Mr. 9 briefly wielded bazookas during their attempt to kill Laboon. Their friendship was so strong that both of them were prepared to give their lives to save her when she is attacked by Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine.[18][19]. Vivi explained that her kingdom was currently in turmoil due to revolutionary activities and how she and Igaram had entered Baroque Works after learning that they had been instigating the rebellion. Vivi was shocked when Igaram showed her and the others Luffy's bounty of 30,000,000. Kohza/Nefertari Vivi; Kohza (One Piece) Nefertari Vivi; Alabasta Arc; Summary. However, by the time they meet at Alabasta, the sniper pair already knew that she was a spy. Alubarna, Alabasta Vivi and Usopp worked well together on more than one occasion and were concerned for each other's well-being. She has a slender body but tends to wear less-revealing clothing than Nami and Robin do. Anime pre-timeskip Her plan was stopped by Crocodile. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. Vivi is declared the sub-leader of the Suna Suna Clan. Because of this loyalty and bravery, she is willing to make virtually any sacrifice, such as when she was willing to allow her feet to be cut off to escape Mr. 3's candle prison. Vivi reveals to her father and royal guards that she knows Nico Robin is with Luffy, without giving it importance. They switch personalities when something worrisome happens: Nami is the one to calm down while Vivi panics. Though she ultimately declined their offer in favor of working to restore her country, she remains closer to the Straw Hats than anyone else outside of their crew. Their personalities seem to be opposites. After the infamous execution of Pirate King, Gol D. Roger at Loguetown, Cobra read over a newspaper of the events and gravely announced that a terrible age has begun. $96.06. She and Nami also became very good friends. Karen Neill Vivi is also self-conscious about her lack of physical strength. Height: When they meet again in the present, Barbarossa sends Rasa and Zaba to accompany Luffy and Vivi as they go to look for wood. By Juliana Failde Oct 04, 2020. He gained the ability to imitate everybody on the ship except Vivi and Sanji, whose faces he was not able to touch. Cobra and Doldo were able to convince the other royals to vote for abolishing the Seven Warlords of the Sea system.[28]. It immediately reached the Revolutionary Army and East Blue from where Sabo was born. Vivi was outraged and protested against the noble's actions. Iemasa Kayumi;Yasuhiko Tokuyama (Grand Battle! Everyone thought the rain falling over the capital was a blessing of the King until some Dance Powder was discovered on its way into the city. Nefertari Vivi There, the princess attacked Crocodile but could not counter his sandy powers, and he informed her that his final plan to overthrow Alabasta was already underway. After taunting Luffy, Miss All Sunday gave Vivi an Eternal Pose to Nanimonai Island to make their journey easier, but Luffy destroyed it, saying that no one had the right to determine the path of their voyage. Vivi and the Straw Hat Pirates meet Miss All Sunday on the Going Merry. One Piece - Nefertari Vivi - One Piece Q Posket Petit 14,90 € * inkl. Vivi was once seen hitting Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji with a large mace, after which the weapon was never seen again. Likewise, Igaram was fond of the Princess and often acted with such deep concern for her well being that it bordered on paranoia. )[1] However, they were too late and Dalton soon received word that Wapol had returned. Dalton, Vivi, Usopp, Zoro, and the villagers started their ascent to the castle via a hidden rope-way, not arriving until after Luffy defeated Wapol. She eventually forgives Vivi and is seen smiling hoping for a bright future. Koza came from behind and hit him with a stick. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! The Alabasta Kingdom participants later arrived at Mary Geoise. His surname Nefertari may be based on Nefertari Meritmut, the wife of famed pharaoh Ramesses the Great. Vivi was shocked and took note of Nami's incredible ability to feel the weather and oncoming storms. By the time of Operation Utopia, he had become infirm enough to be easily manhandled by Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas (as well as Miss All-Sunday). On the cover of Chapter 640, Vivi was shown after the time-skip. Status: Japanese Name: He wears … Vivi grew up knowing that she was responsible for the well-being of her country. There was Shirahoshi, Mansherry, Viola, and even Sanji's sister, Vinsmoke Reiju. Nefertari Cobra, the king of Alabasta, Titi's husband and Vivi's father. Japanese Name: Figure PLEX. The wrapped fragment is just over 12 inches (30 centimeters) long. [22] Crocodile then had Cobra lead Miss All Sunday to the Alabasta Poneglyph to gather information about Pluton as the Warlord confronted Luffy at the Alubarna Palace. Buy One Piece World Collectable figures bright vol.2 Nefertari Vivi separately ( prize ): Action Figures - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases A close up of Vivi's face as Miss Wednesday. From Vivi, who decided to accompany him in exploration, Luffy learned why the island seemed to be stuck in the past. Free shipping for many products! Some easter eggs, Vivi, Nakama, and the future of One Piece!The Tenth Straw Hat video: [85], After Charlos was taken away, Pell came and apologized to Vivi for not being at her side during the incident. Vivi demanded to know whether Miss All Sunday was the one who informed Crocodile that she and Igaram were spies. Birthday: [35], As the Straw Hats were quickly introduced to the Grand Line's ever-changing weather, they forced Vivi and Mr. 9 to help as well. As Luffy messed around with a Brontosaurus, they met a giant named Dorry.[51]. Natasha Malinsky For a long time, she and the others played together frequently, unaware that they were being followed and monitored by the overly cautious Igaram and Cobra. He still remains humble, and he even bowed before the Straw Hats in the bathhouse for helping his daughter, justifying it by saying that without his clothes, he does not have his status as a king, and is doing it as a father. Cobra is a man of average height. Vivi will not hesitate to stand up for someone whom she just befriended as she spoke out against Charlos' attempt to enslave Shirahoshi. Instead, she was concerned for his safety. Many knew the King would never do this, but the findings were enough to instill doubt in many younger citizens. After Koza said that what he and the rebels had done was unforgivable, Cobra replied that the nation had lost much but gained nothing from the conflict, and now had to move forward and unite. However, Vivi showed mostly confusion from Sanji's actions towards her. The newest member, Matsuge, also helped in the fight against Baroque Works and has been very close with the princess ever since, even sometimes seen shopping with her and Karoo. Koza, the leader of the rebellion, has been a close personal friend of Vivi's for 11 years. 0. Vivi tells her history to the Straw Hat Pirates. That night, Vivi and Mr. 9 met up with Igaram (as Mr. 8), who informed them that the Straw Hats had fallen to hell. She is the daughter of Nefertari Cobra and Nefertari Titi. The two officer agents abducted Vivi and left Luffy, Usopp, and Karoo for dead. Koza's father had paid the King a visit, but the boy felt that his father was not saying enough. They are told the goal of the Baroque Works, their final mission and their respective parts in overthrowing Alabasta. Her father and the others alerted her to an article in the newspaper about the Enies Lobby attack and how one of her biggest former enemies was working with the Straw Hats now. Sofort versandfertig, Lieferzeit ca. She tried to stop the rebel army, but a dust cloud caused by a Baroque Works agent under cover in the royal army prevented the rebel army from seeing her. ネフェルタリ・ビビ As they have been together since childhood, the two have an exceptionally strong bond, and he is willing to do most anything for her, though this bond does not stop Vivi from scolding him when he disobeys or misunderstands her simplest orders. She bathed with Terracotta and a group of female Kung-Fu Dugongs.[78][79]. Vivi has been shown in many forms of merchandise. Vivi, Pell and the Straw Hat crew were separately fighting their way through gangs of Billions and Rebel/Royal soldiers to find the hideout for the bomb, but without any luck. At Mary Geoise, Vivi was quick to bond with Rebecca, Leo, and Shirahoshi due to having a mutual friend that they are indebted to. In order to prove Cobra's innocence, Vivi and Igaram infiltrated Baroque … As the king of Alabasta, Cobra has full authority over his subjects and is allowed to attend the Levely. The troops in turn are very loyal to Vivi and Karoo, so much so that they assisted them and the Straw Hats in traveling through the desert, and later in the fight against Baroque Works. "Nefertari Cobra" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. [61], Luffy and Sanji set out to bring Nami to the island's only doctor, a "witch" living at the top of a mountain. On multiple occasions, she has openly wished for his death or voiced her desire to kill him. She was furious that the CP-0 would even allow it. Soon, Vivi appeared before her father and told him that she got into a fight but lost. She quickly became one of his three main affections, and he defended her to the same degree as he did Nami (and later Robin). Age: One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Nefertari Vivi's color scheme in the manga as. Rush!) As such, she developed impressive skills as a diplomat. [55] As they were figuring out what to do next, they heard the awful scream of Dorry being defeated by Brogy due to the tainted fight. At Whisky Peak, she boldly tried to kill him and greatly underestimated him in the process. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for One Piece Jeans Freak Vol.9 Pvc Figure Nefertari Bibi Pink Blue B Color Rare at the best online prices at eBay! Her courage convinced the villagers to allow them into the village peacefully. Nefertari Vivi, … He was surprised to hear about the "True History" that Robin had been searching for. Sanji made Crocodile believe he got caught in front of Rain Dinners, prompting the Warlord of the Sea to check out the situation in front of the casino. NEW One Piece D.P.C.F Nami Animal ver. Teilen Artikel-Nr. Wapol attempted to provoke a war by hitting Vivi, but the plan failed when Vivi, knowing the situation's implications, did not get upset as he had hoped.[13]. In Baroque Works, Mr. 9 and Miss Monday had become close friends with Vivi (as Miss Wednesday) and Igaram (as Mr. 8). When Charlos tried to make Shirahoshi his slave, Vivi was outraged and protested against the World Noble's actions to which Shirahoshi's father Neptune thanked Vivi for her efforts just as he was preparing to take action. Excellent Model P.O.P One Piece Nefertari Vivi Figure MegaHouse F/S w/Tracking# $92.48. Debut: The Straw Hats use a unique maneuver to propel Vivi to the top of the clock tower. Zu ihren treusten Freunden zählen neben der Chō Karugamo Karuh auch die Mitglieder der Mugiwara-Piratenbande, die ihr dabei geholfen haben, ihre Heimat zu retten und Sir Crocodile zu besiegen. Thinking Zoro was still trying to get in her way, Vivi attacked him, but he revealed that he had come to save her. Item Information. This is shown clearly when Koza demands that he use Dance Powder to assuage the difficulties of the current drought, and Cobra explains that other countries need rain and hoarding it themselves is not a true solution. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji quickly dispatched any threatening creatures but berated her for her inability to remember such things beforehand. Meanwhile, the Rebel Army had started their rush toward Alubarna. $96.06. 4Kids English VA: All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. As the matter was being discussed, the island's volcano erupted, signaling the next match between the giants. Just then, the other two kidnappers arrived and were about to fight Koza when Igaram and Cobra knocked them out. When the reputation of the King was sullied and a rebellion instigated, Vivi (along with Igaram, the Captain of the Royal Guard) infiltrated the criminal organization Baroque Works under an alias in order to discover the identity of the mastermind and ultimately prove the king's innocence. Though they originally met on bad terms, there soon came to be a level of respect between them. While playing the role of Miss Wednesday, she looked older, and her facial features were much more angular. USED VOCALOID Hatsune Miku Sakura Pink Cherry Blossom Dress Figure Toy BULK. "Nefertari Vivi" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Her confidence in her own fighting abilities were so great that she even openly tried to attack Roronoa Zoro, till she realized the clear difference in strength between the two of them. Nefertari Vivi is a character from ONE PIECE. They would later meet again and get reacquainted two years later when they both attended the current Levely to which she greets both him and Dr. Kureha. From the reactions of people with connection to Sabo, it is easy to presume that something bad happened to him. The camel, who happened to be a pervert, was given the name "Matsuge" by Nami and joined the crew, giving Nami and Vivi (exclusively) a ride on his back. Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Zoro, and Smoker simultaneously arrived at Rain Dinners, but they all fell for an obvious trap and were thrown in a seastone cage by Crocodile. The surname "Nefertari" is an ancient Egyptian name meaning "the most beautiful" or "most wonderful." Nefertari was depicted as Hathor, c… Nefertari Vivi's outfit at the end of the Drum Island Arc in the manga. [24], Cobra is shown to be bed ridden and reading a newspaper. Cobra then thanked the Straw Hats for helping Vivi, as her father rather than as a king. "Miss Wednesday" (ミス・ウェンズデー, Misu Wenzudē? Overall, he is objective, able to look ahead to the future and not make impulsive decisions. At Alabasta, she started using the longer range Kujakki String Slashers, which carry enough power to behead someone with a single slash. During what would be their final attempt, they met a charging Luffy who ended up catapulting all three into Laboon's stomach. Vivi, Rebecca, and Shirahoshi become friends. He noted that even if they managed to reach the rebels, Crocodile would still try to continue the war— it should be noted that, at this point, they still thought there was time before the battles started. However, her attempt was ruined when Karoo went the wrong way and fell off the building as well. Vivi still follows her friends in the newspapers, but they have not met since. Chapter 142; Episode 91[2] But if it was the case, why would the government cover it? [57], As Vivi and the crew sailed off from Little Garden, they were provided by the giants with an act of gratitude. The public execution of Ace is an evidence of this. She truly hates Crocodile, the secret boss of Baroque Works, for the chaos and ruin he caused in her country. When her father mentioned the photos of potential suitors at the palace, Vivi cheerfully told him to throw them away. Vivi has proven herself to be a very capable spy, and has shown great skill in stealth and other clandestine skills as well. He let Vivi have a lot of freedom as child and play with commoner children. Joe: Sigma 6 featured a villainous terrorist organization named Cobra. During arguments, Vivi has a hard time coming up with insults and usually ends up saying something of little offense. [20] Afterward, during Vivi's time with the Straw Hats, the two encounter each other again, and while Vivi recognized him,[21] it was only after Dalton revealed the history of Drum, and the attack by the Blackbeard Pirates, that she fully remembered him, and became angry with his actions despite being the king. Vivi was surrounded by Billions, but Pell saved her, having flown to Rainbase after Karoo's arrival in order to scout. It was then that Crocodile was finally defeated by Luffy, and as a result, Crocodile's effect on the land was broken, causing it to rain. Initially, Nami wanted Vivi to pay 1,000,000,000 for the Straw Hats' assistance. A close up of Vivi's face after the timeskip. A close up of Cobra's face after the timeskip. After Vivi's speech, in which Igaram serves as a stand-in, Cobra regretfully notes that it is hard for a father to no longer be called "Papa" by his daughter. Vivi, worried by all the noise, left Nami's bedside and briefly saw Wapol, thinking he looked familiar. To keep the nearby Marines from recognizing Vivi as their ally, they said only a silent goodbye to her, showing the marks on their wrists as a sign of their friendship. After the timeskip, Vivi has seemingly become much more physically agile and resilient, as evidenced by her deftly jumping from a crow's nest hundreds of feet high and landing on her feet in front of her father and guards.[25]. Titi was shown to be wearing a purple shirt, a white robe with a pink border over it, a golden neckband, and a gol… Manga pre-timeskip A True Leader. At Alabasta, Luffy forced her to admit she needed help in taking down Crocodile and asked her to let him and the crew carry some of her burden. Vivi's antics caused Igaram to worry deeply about her. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. Her high opinion of Luffy did not change when she learned that his father was the world's worst criminal. Nefertari Vivi[9] is the princess of Alabasta. Vivi met Rasa when they were children, during a royal tour around the country along with her father. Read more information about the character Vivi Nefertari from One Piece? The real Vivi, however, hid behind a rock and silently thanked the Straw Hats for buying her some time.