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Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make; 4. Designed as an elastic-waist pull-on, the Vanessas have an appealing flat-front panel that prevents bunching over the tummy at the waist. This New York based Pattern making company has been making beautiful patterns since 1927. Designed for knits, this jacket’s notched collar puts an upscale spin on a cardigan sweater, and dresses up a typically more casual garment. This post was originally published December 9, 2016 and has been updated with more pattern awesomeness! Victory Skirt: I AM Patterns; Kimono Top: Simply Sewing; The Scout Tee: Grainline Studio; Silk Cami Top: Sew Over It; Rosa Dress: Simply Sewing; Cleo Pinafore: Tilly and the Buttons; Moneta Dress: Colette; Inari Cropped Tee: Named Clothing; Amélie Square Neckline Dress: Simply Sewing The dress is designed to fit closely at the bust and skim out over the hips. And I think you had plenty of body types represented. In Chickenlips’  lighthearted review, she highlights the zip instructions and suggests, “the very first step tells you to snip the fabric ready for the zip, but I wouldn’t advise doing this straight away, as the zip doesn't go in until right near the end, so you could easily stretch” or tear the fabric while working on the jumpsuit. Or if maybe this category (best patterns) should be restricted to only patterns that include extended sizes. You can use this paper to also create quilt pieces, appliques and also for drawing or sketching designs. You might want to join the pattern stash contest, going on during the month of August. Left and Right:  STARG in McCall's 7975 and csarahdugon in McCall's 7975. Most beginner DIY sewers and even advanced ones who don’t have the knowhow to draft a pattern can identify with these feelings. The best websites to buy {Sewing Patterns} from. When you read dalachin’s review of the Closet Case Kalle, you feel like you’re sitting down for an energizing chat. I love the seeing the wonderful versions the members have made. Left and Right:  Dalachin in Closet Case Kalle and Article Expert in Closet Case Kalle. Left and Right:  radianthome in Alina - Fulton Blazer and mnitts in Alina - Fulton Blazer, Soft knit jackets are a joy to wear, and are slightly less formal than their woven counterparts. Desperately in need of something new? Pattern cutting and Making up by Martin Shoben and Janet P Ward. Jan 5, 2021 - 2000+ patterns and growing. We aim to have nothing short of the most comprehensive list on Pinterest ! Thank you. Welcome to this year’s roundup of the PatternReview (PR) community’s favorite sewing patterns, selected by you from a pool of PatternReview’s most highly rated patterns of the year. This list of free PDF sewing patterns is now updated for 2018, with a * in front of all the updates & new additions for the year. Her caution is to measure and make sure there’s enough ease. If you like classic – yet adaptable – patterns with your sewing books, this one from The Maker’s Atelier is a great one to buy. Fusible Interfacing — Fusible interfacing isn’t for all patterns, but it’s used in many things (like shirts) to make them more rigid and give them structure. From French style to vintage inspired, here are a few of the best independent sewing pattern companies out there and the pick of my favourite makes. The Best Free Women’s PDF Sewing Patterns. Reviewers styled the jumpsuit with belts and the companion blazer, creating complete outfits. I have made my best to have the links working and the details correct but take no responsibility for accidental mistakes. Inspiration to help you sew every day! Member CodyMoran ( gives detailed suggestions in her review (), and updates the recommended construction techniques by sewing the sleeves on the flat and finishing seams with a serger. Best coat sewing patterns. She writes, “I did have a problem with the waist casing. In other words it’s a classic, and Closet Case’s Kelly brings a modern twist to this well-loved garment by slimming the silhouette and playing with the pockets. You can find any number of free PDF sewing patterns out in the vast space of the internet. There are many body contouring challenges for women who sew, including women who may have had surgical reshaping of their bodies. I want to talk about some free baby sewing patterns that I love. If you’re a little pattern-addicted like me, you’re already making a list of the ones you’d like to add to your pattern catalog. This book was first written in 1975 but it is a great book nevertheless and covers all the basic aspects you need to know in pattern making. Thank you Diane E for writing a very delectable article with so may great photos. Always fun to read about members favorites! The Deer & Doe website also offers resources, including a blog post about choosing Sirocco fabric. I always look forward to this article every year. Some even sew too! For an upscale version of a mechanic’s onesie, pull out this pattern. That’s right, Mood made sewing patterns, totally free! You will then move on to the more advanced aspects of setting up your own sewing studio and achieving the perfect fit. In her review, agathon described her difficulties, “the neckband came out way too loose/big. Diane, thanks for your insight, your post is an enjoyable read! I always look forward to the annual Best Patterns review. I know there are many "plus" women out here, and we sew, too. JillyBesaid it boils down to a few points: -          loving everything about the pattern and being super-inspired by the pattern envelope and a reviewer’s version; -          spending less time to get the desired lines right; -          wanting to support the designer; -          getting tips and tricks from the pattern instructions; PR member luckylibbet added that she likes “ to buy patterns for style lines and instructions.”, Finally, Neefer said, “having a stash of patterns is like having a catalog of ideas,” and Ann Smith summed it up with, “the real reason I buy patterns is that I want to get on to the fabric as soon as possible.”. Even more so when you find solutions which are practical and affordable and work perfectly in their modified usage. Welcome to this year’s roundup of the PatternReview (PR) community’s favorite sewing patterns, selected by you from a pool of PatternReview’s most highly rated patterns of the year. Men wear clothes too. Best Patterns of 2019 . Left and Right:  SewWil in McCall's 6696 and jlg in McCall's 6696, 3)      McCalls 6886 (soon to be re-numbered McCall's 8058) - Knit dresses. As she states in her detailed review, practice makes it easier. Like the other patterns in this category, it’s critical to determine whether there’s enough room in the torso for comfort. Most of the projects they can do by themselves with very limited oversight and by hand, so it also gives them a feeling of independence. Is this a slim women only pattern roundup? 1. To make her dress more unique, she left off the collar, and used only the stand, demonstrating the pattern’s timeless versatility. It helped me commit to buying the Alina Fulton Blazer that I've been eyeing for months. excellent motivation to sew up the ones I have in my stash! Skirt-a-Day Sewing: Create 28 Skirts for a Unique Look Every Day, 2. I was noticing that, too. The Best Sewing Pattern Makers If you’re a keen sewer or even if you’re just starting out you will know that when it comes to making clothes, dress making patterns can be your best friends – and sometimes your worst enemies! By night, I work as a TV journalist. Isla Trenchcoat – Named. Left and Right:  Janee Michal in McCall's 7774 and ReedP in McCall's 7774, 3)      Closet Case Patterns - Charlie Caftan. This is a lot of work! Left and Right:  Elisenne in Deer & Doe - Sirocco Jumpsuit and triceratopsred in Deer & Doe - Sirocco Jumpsuit. Art Gallery also has a huge selection of free quilt projects in just about every design imaginable. For her waterproof version, Danmar gathered supplies with help from the Kelly Sewalong (, which includes detailed information about styling, fabric selection, fit, and construction. Chilton Trenchcoat – Cashmerette. Free sewing and quilting tutorials and patterns for bags, wallets, baskets, modern quilts, and organizing tools. Follow our instructions for a guaranteed gorgeous garment, and make it your own with some fashionable fabric. Learn Pattern Making in Minutes. Low on inspo? I could give you a little nudge to sew a few of them up. Many reviewers have made multiple pairs of Vanessas, using its trim shape as a basis for jeans, lined trousers, hiking pants, jammies, and athletic wear. Just for fun I asked some sewing friends why we love patterns and always want to buy more, even if we have a huge collection. For the fifth year in a row, this pattern has been a PR favorite, its popularity buoyed by sewers using it as a base for their Alabama Chanin  works of art. Every year I look forward to cool weather so that I can wear turtle-, cowl-, or funnel-neck sweaters and tops. New To PR | Great fun to look at all the completed garments. It can be casual or dressed up depending on how you style it.” Reviewers have made this modernized classic in fabrics from flannel to silk. I have so many of these patterns and haven't made them up yet. There are even some free design patterns available on their website such as the ‘Sleight of Hand’, ‘Star Bright,’ and a number of other … Just for fun I asked some sewing friends why we love patterns and always want to buy more, even if we have a huge collection. I also noticed that. Thank you for posting. From threading a needle to understanding the tools and equipment and reading a pattern, you will benefit greatly. ?” Take care to select the pattern size, as the looser view has a fair amount of ease. This trial process is well illustrated in the first of Elisenne’s Sirocco reviews. Best Sewing Patterns. It took a few tries to get even and smooth, including a lot of unpicking!” That piping is such a pretty detail, and it was worth the effort. Head back to Chapter 1: The 7 Sewing Essentials for Beginners! I'd better get started! In her  review, Danmar suggests sizing up for the waterproof version, as “the waterproof fabric has no drape or give.”, Left and Right:  laurenvdmast in Closet Case Patterns - Kelly and phagehunter27 in Closet Case Patterns - Kelly, 2)      Alina Sewing + Design Co. - Fulton Blazer. An “anaraq” was a waterproof jacket with a hood and appeared later in English to refer to jackets worn by trainspotters. Spiral-bound. Whilst that is great, and they all look wonderful in their creations, it doesn't help the ladies bigger than medium, let alone plus sized! New Complete Guide to Sewing: Step-by-Step Techniques for Making Clothes and Home Accessories Editors of Reader's Digest. For the third year in a row, this cardigan pleased members and reviewers with its easy wear and simple construction. Two different silhouettes grace the dresses in this pattern: one, a loose-fitting bodice with a dramatic trapeze shape, and the other a fitted bodice and gathered skirt. Women’s Blazer – Simplicity. Contact Us | This pretty dress makes getting out the door easy – no zipper, no buttons, and nothing to do but pull the dress over your head and wrap the ties around your waist. Wow, there are so many great patterns!! Left and Right:  Sew Impatient in New Look 6560 and valgal in New Look 6560. With five and a half inches of ease at the bust, reviewers found this top’s fit generous. As reviewer Meatball points out, “fabric selection is very important for this pattern because there is a fair amount of volume,” so drapey fabric is key to success. Please CHECK the board before posting to avoid duplication. Thanks for this. This is always one of my favorite reads.I know how much work goes into creating this but I was wondering if maybe it would be possible to expand categories to include a separate plus category and mens category. New Look U06095A Misses Dresses Sewing Pattern, 3. As reviewer Melwyk says in her cheery review, Yoko is “an excellent, quality free pattern that is fashionable, easy to sew, and super comfy to wear. Rhett – Seamwork. FREE SEWING PATTERNS only please - there is another Group Board for your Tutorials. In her joyful review,  stirwatersblue  writes, “It was a wonderfully fun project to sew--the absolute perfect combination of simple, quick construction and just enough opportunity for interesting techniques. When they create items they can use and look at they will certainly feel inspired and motivated to continue as well as accomplished. The Modern Quilt Studio is one of the best online sewing pattern companies as it provides the liveliest and eye-catching quilt designs. And it is fast-fast-fast to make -- always a plus - while looking complicated and up-styled.” In her instructive review, Rice includes helpful thoughts on how this top will fit into a coordinated wardrobe. The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook: 5 Master Patterns, 15 Creative Projects; 5. Super round up for patterns from 2019 much appreciated as always. Sometimes the best way to figure this out is to measure the pattern and then take your first pass in a fabric you won’t cry over. Where to buy sewing Patterns from ? Watch Video! With its hourglass shape and trim tapered legs, it’s seductive for many reviewers, who offer cautions about fit and fabric. Teaching your kids this skill will leave them with a valuable asset they can use throughout their lives. The instructions come in three languages, English, Spanish and French so quite a lot of people can access and understand it. Reviewer roxyintransit took this pattern and created two very different looks for a three-week trip. Left and Right:  ntpolite in Simplicity 8375 and manecoarse in Simplicity 8375, 1)      Closet Case Patterns - Kelly Anorak, Did you know that “anorak” originates from the indigenous Greenland language? Focusing primarily on WOMEN"S CLOTHING. Butterick 6388 I must buy that for the neckline collar draft alone.. just about perfect! Left and Right:  DropDeadGorgeous in Simplicity 8178 and mckellm in Simplicity 8178, 1)     Helen’s Closet - Blackwood Cardigan. For instance, there’s a separate directory for seams, collars, tools and patterns, and so on. The projects are suitable for children as young as 5 years old and will be fun for them and for you. To address the “more fiddly aspects like the inset panel and the V neck,” she headed to the Closet Case website and the various associated tutorials ( If you want to be able to create a complete outfit, this next item will be of particular interest to you. During my years of sewing I have collected a pretty list of sewing pattern companies that I regularly go through to find inspiration. It would be nice to see examples of how these challenges can be addressed. Sewing School ®: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make Andria Lisle. Draped Coat – Butterick. I'm not sure what I did wrong, because everyone else's photos show the neckband fitting properly.”, Left and Right:  Harriet29 in McCall's 7122 and Sue Parrott in MCall's 7122. Not a single one for men :-( Left and Right:  Mpmurphy in Jalie 3667 - Marie-Claude and careymoonbeam in Jalie 3667 - Marie-Claude. Even if you aren’t a beginner, these tutorials will help you perfect each technique. If you've been on the hunt for a homemade face mask sewing pattern, then take a look at this collection of 20+ Patterns for Face Masks.We've compiled all the best tutorials and patterns for DIY face masks around so that you don't have to keep searching. Create beautiful handmade items for babies, kids, and adults using our digital PDF sewing patterns. At the very least, always have one or more patterns that specifically work for plus sizes in each sub-category. There is also a large sheet of tissue paper that's one-by-one grids so you can design anything you'd like to create.” Her motivating review makes hacking sound fun, and this pattern provides all the tools you need to get started. Next: The best sites for finding contemporary sewing patterns. I love this clever idea, because you also get 225 feet of paper and that’s a whole lot of potential patterns! As reviewer Meatball states in her review, “I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an entry into jeans making who wants an alternative to all of the high-waisted and/or skinny jeans patterns out there.” In addition to the pattern instruction booklet, the Closet Case website showcases a jeans fitting guide (, Left and Right:  lknighty in Closet Case Morgan and SMerrill in Closet Case Morgan, Buy Closet Case Patterns - Morgan Boyfriend Jeans, 1)      Closet Case Patterns - Kalle Shirt & Dress. Also, be aware that the Blackwood is designed with an open front, so if you want it to close, you will need to extend the fronts.
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